Terrell Davis is in the Hall of Fame

As a Kid Growing up I remember the Mile High Salute, and watching #30 get 2,000 yards in 1998. I always loved watching Terrell Davis run the rock, especially during the Super Bowl years. The thing I admired most about TD as a player was his humbleness; when he got into the end zone he would do a simple Mile High Salute to the fans, and give the ball to the refs. I think, as far as a  person to watch and a good example for kids, and teammates, Terrell Davis is about as good as you can get. I am super stoked about him finally getting into the Hall of Fame; it is very much deserved. Here is to you TD, as a huge fan growing up wearing your #30 on my back every Sunday; I give you a huge Mile High Salute! Congrats on the your induction this weekend!