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Tips from Skip: Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Advice... With the Solar Eclipse almost upon us, I have seen many helpful posts and public service announcements but I feel they fall short in several areas. I will try to cover some of those.

1. Wyoming has a huge amount of public land open to exploring and enjoying but it isn't a garbage dump. Take out what you take in. We live here 365 days a year. The public land is our back yard. We hunt, fish, trap and camp there and will take it as a personal insult if you screw it up.

2. With that being said, not all land is public. There is a lot of private land including ranches and farms that have been in the family for over a hundred years. If there is a No Trespassing sign at a gate or road that means you. Stay out or some gentleman wearing a cowboy hat wearing irrigating boots and riding a four wheeler will let you hear the sound a True Temper irrigating shovel makes while it ricochets off your skull.

3. We drive trucks, tractors, combines and swathers on the highway going about our business. They go pretty slow and won't move faster if you sit behind us and honk. In fact, they actually go a bit slower. We live here. You don't. Be patient and enjoy the scenery. The shovel will sing it's song to you again if you wish.

4. There is a very good chance you will see someone carrying a firearm. Yes, it is loaded and no I don't have a damn permit for it. Everybody and I mean everybody owns a gun in Wyoming and a lot of us carry one quite regularly. Don't panic. Don't call the police. And above all behave and treat us and our state with respect and there won't be a problem.

5. Our dogs. Our dogs ride in the back of our trucks and they like it. Sure a few slow learners take a tumble every once in a while but for the most part they do just fine. Don't pet them while they are in the truck. They will bite you. Numerous times if possible. The truck is their's not your's and they take their security duties seriously. Again, don't panic and don't call the police because they don't give a damn and they are probably going to be busy saving some tourist from a self inflicted bout of Cranial Rectumitis.

6. Our wildlife will kill you and it will hurt the whole time you are dying. Elk, moose, bison and grizzly bears take great pleasure in playing hacky sack with tourist that's get too close. They are wild animals and are not trained circus acts. If you must harass our wildlife may I suggest you go catch a badger. They are really good cuddlers.

7. Our weather will kill you and yes it will hurt the whole time. It snows here every month of the year. Our back roads become death traps when it rains or snows. Your Prius isn't an offroad vehicle so stay on pavement. Don't make our brave and skilled First Responders have to go looking for your dumb ass when you go exploring.Welcome to Wyoming and enjoy the Eclipse and go away.

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