ESPN: you have got to be kidding me!?!?

If some was to tell me that ESPN was so afraid to be considered offensive, that they pulled a guy off the air because of his name; I would have thought you were talking about a comedy skit. What the heck? There are so many things wrong with this story. I can not believe, even in the sports word; people are  sensitive because someone named Robert Lee (not Robert E. Lee Mind you) they will not let this guy call a football game. I have noticed a trend that ESPN has become a very political station in the last few years. They are very left leaning, and get more liberal by the day. I am not sure why it is necessary to get so involved in politics on a sports station. I still like ESPN, but like so many others they are just following the liberal trend, which seems to be occurring more often. I am not saying our History was right, in fact it was very offensive, but please remember: YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE PAST. I am baffled as to why it seems over night, people are offended by Robert E Lee statues, which were never an issue until the last few weeks. As previously stated, we as Americans have a terrible past, there is no denying it, but why are people trying to pretend that a travesty like slavery didn't happen? I think we need to stop trying to hide the past because it is offensive, and start talking about how we as a nation can make the changes necessary to not ever repeat our terrible past. The thing that people need to realize, is America is not the only country with a bad past. Just about every country has done things that were offensive. Whether these were good, bad, or ugly, we have to live and hopefully learn from what happened. 

Free Robert Lee!!!  - Thumbnail Image

Free Robert Lee!!!