Give me a break

This kneeling for for the National Anthem has gotten to the point where I am about done. I might still watch the NFL, but it is hard for me to stand behind an NFL team, who can't stand for our Country. I am all about the first amendment and peaceful protest, but when there are guys being bashed for standing, it just shows the hypocrisy in the USA. If you remember, just a few years ago people were calling Tim Tebow Controversial for taking a knee to pray; but these same people are glorifying players for disrespecting our flag, and taking a Knee for the National Anthem. I believe that the NFL took one in the Loss coulomb for allowing that kind of nonsense.  It is ridiculous that the Dallas Cowboys were not allowed to wear a sticker on their Helmet, but they will allow stuff like Colin Kaepernick wearing socks that are mocking police officers. I don't think the players are SOB's as President Trump said, but I do Believe he is right in some of his comments. and I Applaud players like Derek Wolfe and Alejandro Villanueva for standing for the Anthem. it is a mad sign of disrespect, and I think we need to come together and figure this out instead of trying to fight each other. My biggest problem is with these guys are making more money than most of Americans will see in their life times, but they want to kneel in the country that soldiers died for their right to play a silly game? If you do anything today, be sure to say thank you to all the military that allows you to be free and take a knee while playing a stupid game. My final thought is United we STAND divided we fall. Can we just go back to Football being about football and not politics? 

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