With Recent events from: Las Vegas, New York, Thornton Colorado, and now Sutherland Springs Texas, we as a nation need to unite. We will not let terror bring out fear of going to places. Evil will not prevail, we are a strong bunch of people in the good ole US of A. We are resilient and we will show that we are proud to be Americans, and we will not stop going to Church, concerts, and stores, because one person tries to show how evil the world can truly be. My best advice for what we can do, we can pray. Pray for the country to not show fear in the face of evil. Pray for the Victims and their families in these malicious attacks. And pray for us as a country to come together and show strength in overcoming these tragic times in our country. We will eventually get back to normal daily life, but it may be a while before things feel normal again. The last thing I Pray and ask, is that we as a nation do not just forget about the last month of tragic events here in the US. I ask that we always remember these events, and especially the Victims; that did nothing else but be in a place where a disgusting evil person decided to kill innocent people. Please pray for Texas, Thornton, New York, and Las Vegas.