West Hollywood approves removal of Trump's Star

After being vandalized and even destroyed multiple times since Donald Trump took office, his star on the "Walk of Fame" is being removed. In a article from ABC.com, by KARMA ALLEN, it was a unanimous decision to remove the star by the city council. In the article, Allan states, "It now plans to send a formal letter to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles City Council and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for consideration. The Chamber of Commerce would have the final say in removing the star." The article also goes on to say, there has never been a Star removed from the walk. Even Bill Cosby's star is still on there, even though he is going to jail for sexual assault on multiple women. There are people who will tell you the left is so tolerable and accepting, unless you don't agree with their ways. Why are people celebrating defacing and vandalizing property? Something else that seems to be unsaid here, the Donald Trump Star on the Hollywood walk of fame has absolutely nothing to do with him being president. Another thing I want to know is why is a guy like george Lopez allowed to pee (fake pee) on the star? I feel as though there would be an uprise if a conservative would have done that to George lopez's star. It is hard for me to understand; why it is ok for one side of the aisle to praise something so hate filled, but according to those same people, it is so bigoted and hateful to disagree with something as dumb irrelevant as taking out a star on the walk of fame. Geez, you would think there are bigger fish to fry, but apparently the star is priority. 

What are your thought on the star being removed?