Jimmy Kimmel makes terrible joke.

Jimmy Kimmel made a very bad joke last night on his show regarding the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. I get it, he is trying to be "funny" and it's part of his job to talk about current events, but there are no facts that Kavanaugh is guilty. One of the problems in this country today is that we consider someone guilty by accusation. To suggest that that his "manhood" be cut off, is taking a "joke" too far. What blows me away is, if this was said by a known Republican about a Democrat, there would be an outrage. Please do not mistake the fact that I have every bit of sympathy for women who have been a victim of rape or sexual abuse. With that said, I also have sympathy for men who have been falsely accused. We do not know either way, and the fact that this allegedly happened over 35 years ago, but comes out two days before Judge Kavanaugh was to be sworn in? I believe it is 100% a political move that has the left leaning party trying to ruin Brett Kavanaugh's reputation. 

what do you think?