Denver passes safe injection sites

The Hypocrisy of our government is too much! There are literally programs in schools, such as D.A.R.E.,  whose main goal is to get kids to say no to drugs. Our local Government is now giving the thumbs up to drug addicts to come to denver and take drugs; Hell, they will even be there if you overdose. What in the hell have we gotten to when we allow this to happen? Diabetics have to pay for their needles and drugs, cancer patients have to pay for all their drugs and treatments; but hey, if you are a drug addict, come to Denver,  we will gladly help you out. This is infuriating and should make people mad as hell. According to A FOX 31 article this morning, "The ordinance passed, 12-1. State lawmakers will have to approve the site when the next session begins in January." There is little hope this won't pass. By no means am I implying not to help people, however this is not the right way to do it! We are enabling people to live a life style of illegal drugs. Maybe it's just me, but I remember the day when it was "not even once", now it seems to be, "try it, we'll make sure you're taken of... you know if you almost die."