Sweet Petals weekly review

  Last week was quite the week for story lines. The Government remained shut down, the Windsor Library hosted a drag queen reading, and the Denver Broncos hired their next coach! The Democrats are anti-wall, and are almost mocking the fact that we need border security. We will see how long this Government shutdown continues, it is already the longest shutdown in U.S. history.

   There were protests on both sides, for and against having a drag queen reading to the kids at the library. This was a hot topic last week; we will see if there will be another drag queen reading in the near future.

    After firing Vance Joseph, The Vic Fangio era in Denver is now under way, there was reports after Fangio got hired that former head coach Gary Kubiak would be hired as the offensive coordinator, but that ended up falling through. We will see what happens with the Broncos under the new coaching regime. There are reports that Denver is looking to hire Mike Munchak as the OC.