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Cigarfest 2018 Bakersfield

Cigarfest 2018 Bakersfield

As Jimmy Lakey Mentioned on the show this morning, house bill 1076 would ban smoking in cigar shops. This bill goes to the house next week to be voted on. Why the heck are some so adamant about taking away our freedoms? This is so absurd; it is in a cigar shop, that would not affect anyone outside, and most people who go into those shops are typically there to buy a cigar. Why is this so offensive to people that they need to take this away. Some say say it is about health, but that is a cop out for the excuse for the Government controlling people’s lives. This bill goes to the house on February 6th.

Read the Bill here:

Listen to what Jimmy Lakey said about this and more on the Lakey Effect .

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