Remember when Roseanne got in trouble?

Actor Jussie Smollett, who plays a Character on the Empire series, has turned himself in after being indicted for faking an attack by supposed Trump supporters. He is looking at facing up to three years in prison, and could have to pay the money it cost for the investigation (if he is in fact guilty). As Jimmy Lakey said this morning, if he was an elected official he probably would have gotten away with it, and faced no charges. Look at recent months, from Mueller to McCabe and everyone else involved in all the collusion trials lately; absolutely nothing has come of it. There is also the fact that Colorado's own Michael Bennet bashed on Trump supporters, should he not apologize for jumping to conclusions about people? How come no one is calling Jussie to be kicked off the island like they did to Roseanne Barr? Remember how quick people were to kick her off TV, and how much hate was preached towards Roseanne?

What do you think?

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