As Jimmy Lakey would say, "I have a bee in my bonnet" this morning. It bugs me that people are so offended by the smallest things in today's world. I am probably hypocritical, because there are definitely times I have gotten overly sensitive about something someone said, but for the most part, I don’t get offended by much. I am asked all the time, “Why do you let Jimmy be so mean to you?” The answer to that is this: I don’t get offended when Jimmy makes a JOKE. As the old saying goes, “Jim and Drew are talking. Jim makes a joke about Drew. They both laugh, and move on with their day.” This does not mean I am ok with certain ignorant things being said. Racism and hatred for people will never be tolerated by me. There are some things better left unsaid; but why are we offended by the smallest things? And why are we so offended by everything? A Good example of this is Colorado State trying to make the term “Ladies and Gentlemen” offensive… all I have to say is shake my damn head.

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