My takeaways from the "Blizzard of 19"

Some takeaways from yesterday's big storm:

  1. This storm was as bad as they were saying.
  • A lot of people ended up being stranded on i-25 and other major highways.
  1. Sometimes we should listen to the warnings
  • Again A lot of people stranded on the road, and a lot of accidents yesterday.
  • Tragically Colorado State Trooper Cpl. Daniel Groves was killed after a vehicle slid off the road and hit him while he was attending to another accident.
  1. Faith in humanity does exist,
  • There were many of our Police, Fire, Emt, and others who risked it in the storm to help people out.

Among other things, there were quite a few life lessons to be learned from yesterday. Sometimes we shouldn't ignore how bad it could be, as the old saying goes, "better safe than sorry."

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