Sol Pais Found Dead In Mt. Evans!

After Shutting down almost all schools in the state of Colorado, the search for Sol Pais is now over. This has a lot of lingering questions, such as why they shut down every single school for one person threatening schools with a shotgun. As a situation like this unfolds, I believe that we should take every precaution out there to protect kids from tragedies; but was shutting down schools from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs an overreaction? There are armed resource officers at just about every school. It also begs the question that Jimmy Lakey asked on the show this morning: "So during this time that schools are out due to this threat, people are going to let their kids play in the park, go out to malls, and be in public places; yet they are only worries about this when their child is in school?" It is a little baffling that is the case, but it is a GREAT thing that there was not anyone killed (Other than the suspect, from self-inflicted death) or injured today. We did avoid tragedy, but were we too scared. Today is a day that terrorism spat in our face so we locked the doors to the house. Without being too much of a conspiracy theorist, it worthwhile to think that there was more going on than we know. Shutting down every single school seems to be the most extreme measure that I have ever experienced in my years in Colorado, or anywhere for that matter. There are now going to be gun debates going none stop for the next few weeks, and this is coming just FIVE days after the Red Flag Bill was signed into law... You have to wonder...?

What do you think: did the state do right by shutting down just about every school on the Front Range?

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