Could the man who crashed the truck on I-70 read the english road signs?

Castellano 03 Trucking has been sited over 30 times in less than two years for multiple violations. According to Rob Low from Fox 31, the trucking company has even had trucks with an O.O.S. (Out Of Service) tag put on them. There was a video just a few days after the tragic crash on i-70 of a truck actually using the runaway truck ramp. One thing that is very sad about this, is the driver, Rogel Aguilera-Mederos passed a runaway truck ramp on his way down and just decided to slam into innocent people. There were at least four people killed and multiple people with serious injuries. Rogel Aguilera-Mederos ruined people’s lives in the matter of a few seconds, and there is speculation that he couldn’t read the road signs along i-70. There is a lot that needs to be answered, but this was a tragedy that could’ve been avoided in multiple ways.

For the more on this read the story from FOX 31 in Denver.

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