When I grow up, I'm going to be a.....?



In a recent survey parents were asked, where they want their kids to work when they grow up.

out of 2,000 parents interviewed, here are the the results:

Here are the top five careers we want for our kids . . .

1. Engineering, 48% of parents.

2. Coding, 45%.

3. Finance, 39%.

4. Healthcare, 36%.

5. I.T., 34%.

And the five careers we don't want them to have are:

1. Sales, 2%.

2. Retail, 3%.

3. Transportation and logistics, 5%.

4. Human resources, 5%.

5. Journalism and publishing, 5%. 

Interesting that parents dont want their kids to have face to face interaction...

What is your desired job for your kid when they grow up?

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