Another Unfortunate Tragedy Yesterday.

After another school shooting happened yesterday, we are sitting here wondering how this could've been prevented. This is a day that has everyone in the state, and around the country for that matter; feeling somber for another innocent child whose life was cut down too short. The questions will arise and the gun debates will be nonstop for days and weeks to come. The questions are already there, were there signs that this was going to happen? Did the shooter try to seek help in anyway? This happens right after a girl from Florida came into town and shut down the entire state. The reason I bring this up is to ask, how is it that she (Sol Pais from Florida) shuts down the entire state, but this kid (STEM shooter) goes under the radar? There are going to be a lot of lingering questions, but one big one that is on everyone’s mind when is it that schools are going to be prepared for the worst case scenarios?

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