Did the Democrats Throw Galindo Under The Bus?

After sexual assault allegations surfaced over the weekend, Rochelle Galindo decided to resign from her HD 50 seat. The timing on this kind of makes you think; the democrats may have already had a plan in place to avoid a special election. There is almost no evidence that she was ever in office, they have completely cut her out of everything. KC Becker and other Democrats were behind Galindo's choice to resign, and thought that it is the right move. Rochelle Galindo seemed to have learned a hard lesson about politics, she seems to have been used and then thrown to the curb by her fellow house members. Galindo says the allegations are untrue, but we will see what happens in the weeks and months to follow.

Listen to what Stacey Kjeldgaard who was on the recall committee had to say to Jimmy Lakey this morning about the resignation of Galindo.