Erie Shuts Down Republican Women Of Weld

There is a story that is starting to circulate that the town of Erie is shutting down the monthly meeting of the Republican Women of Weld. The group had the reservation of the Erie Community Center for months, but Eire said it was"too controversial" for them to conduct their meeting there. Jimmy Lakey did a little digging on this, and found out that during the midterm elections, there were anti oil and gas folks allowed to have rallies there for pro Prop 112. Proposition 112 was later voted down by a vast majority, now Erie will not let the Republican Women of Weld hold a meeting to discussing oil and gas in Colorado. There is a lot of hypocrisy that from the town of Erie, and now they are going to have to answer questions about it. Jimmy Lakey will have more on this as it develops.

Listen to what Jimmy Lakey had to say about this and more on the Lakey Effect Podcast.