Should Plumbers In Colorado require A License



The hot topic debate going on this morning is the question should plumbers and other trades be licensed in Colorado? This is coming off the heel of Texas getting rid of licensing for plumbing, and Jared Polis not signing Legislation to regulate HOAs, genetic counseling, and sports agents in the state. The question looming is, should people be able to trust who they have work on plumbing and other trades needed? There is a lot that goes into these trades that people have argued for the licensing. The other age old question and big debate that always seems to make it's way into arguments are should teachers be required to be licensed? Charter schools do not require this, and can anyone they see fit to teach there. Realtors, teachers, plumbers, elections, and so many other jobs and trades require a license in order to be able to work in that field. The other big question, elephant in the room t=with this, is are we putting too much liability on the customer?

Should we get rid of the required licensing for some of these trade and jobs?

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