Weld County Commissioners Plan To Take Back Oil And Gas

According to Sherrie Peif of Complete Colorado, the Weld County Commissioners have voted 5-0 to take back regulations of oil and gas sites in Weld County. “We are claiming our 1041 authority to handle the land use for oil and gas,” said Commissioner Scott James. “I agree with Gov. Polis that the best government is the government closest to home. Therefore, your government will take that authority and continue the economic vitality of Weld County.” We will see if there is any push back after SB-181 passed last legislative session, but the Commissioners of Weld County have stated that they want to hold Governor Polis at his word, and have control at the local government level. Barbara Kirkmeyer also had some statement of this as well, “I spent a lot of time at the capitol with regard to SB-181,” Kirkmeyer said. “So, I’m not unsure at all about what was in SB-181. From the day SB-181 was introduced, we were all worried about politics taking over the regulatory process in Colorado. Well you can stop worrying. It took over. So we’re here to make sure Gov. Polis and his political operatives keep their promises.” This is going to be an ongoing issue and I expect some push back from Governor Polis, but we will see if that happens or not.

Read the Full article from Complete4 Colorado here.

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