What Were Doing During the OJ Simpson Slow Car Chase?

What were you doing 25 years ago today?Today marks the day when OJ Simpson decided to take the police on a slow speed chase. The infamous White Bronco made its illustrious debut and has will be forever remembered. OJ was being charged with two counts of murder of his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Back then OJ was known as "The Juice" and was a very popular figure in the sports and pop culture worlds. Now I am a little young to remember the OJ trials and the car chase, and all the other craziness that came with the OJ experience. What is crazy is the trials captivated America then; but the millennial generation and the younger generation as well, have become obsessed with the OJ trials in recent years. There have been multiple shows and documentaries released telling different angles of the story. As the Story goes, OJ was later acquitted of murder, and later he was sued by the Brown family and ended up losing that trial and was forced to pay the Brown family. This has been called the "Trial of the Century", as previously stated; we are still obsessed with what happened in the OJ trials in 1994. It is still unknown if he did it or not.

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