Man in Michigan Wins Lotto... But There's A Catch

You know the old saying, "winner, winner chicken dinner, unless you’re getting a divorce are forced to split it in half" right? We have surely all heard that one, if not I’m sure you have heard, "What's mine is yours" right? Well a man in Michigan hit 80 million big ones! But there is a catch he was forced to split the winnings with his ex-wife. The Michigan man won the lotto back in 2013 and the couple had been separated for two years, but because the divorce wasn't finalized the judge ruled that the money is The Court Ruled "“losses throughout the marriage were incurred jointly, so should winnings be shared jointly.” While I do have sympathy for this man having to lose have of what I think is his, he will still have 18+ million in his account, so the sympathy slowly slips away. So on this Friday, of you think your week was rough, imagine having to give up 15 million dollars!