Happy Birthday Colorado! Here are 10 things I Like About The State

Happy Birthday Colorado, today you turn 143!

Here are the top 10 things Sweet Petals loves about Colorado:

  1. The weather - yes it can go from 65 to 25 with snow, rain, and sunshine all in the same day; but we are spoiled here because we do have a lot of nice days.
  2. The Western Slope - there are a lot of great things about the Entire state, but the western slope was great beauty and it is a nice change of pace
  3. Skiing - I finally went after 27 years of living here, I am definitely going to go again!
  4. Garden of the Gods - This place is very special to me as I grew up near there. if you can go visit definitely do it!
  5. The Royal Gorge - This is another Southern Colorado treasure that is awesome to Visit
  6. The Denver Broncos - The Broncos have been a huge part of my life how could you not like the Broncos
  7. So many things to do - There are almost an unlimited amount of things to go do in this state!
  8. The Sports scene - We not only have the Broncos, but the Nuggets, AVS, and Rockies are really fun to go watch!
  9. The Mountains - The many Mountain ranges are really cool and beautiful to look at, and makes the heart feel warm
  10. The Beauty of this state - There are so many mountains, Lakes, and valleys that make this state so great!

Do you think I left anything off the List?