What Really Happened With Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein was in prison on sex trafficking allegations, but merely days after some documents were released; he ends up dead...? With connections to the Clinton family alone, you have got to question the convenient timing of his suicide, it is awfully suspicious. You also have to question the connections with President Trump on this one as well. Both the Clinton's and Trump himself at one point had a very close relationship with Epstein. The other factor you have to account on this one, is that there is a history of "suicides" that happened with people connected to the Clinton's. I am not sure what the real story is here, but mark this one under the the "never going to find out" category. What did he have to say that make everyone question this... There has been "hearsay" that Epstein said someone was trying to kill him, he was supposed to be on suicide watch, the guards stopped checking on him... There is a lot to question on this one.

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