Red Flag Bill Started Early For A Loveland High School Kid

The Safe to tell program has helped prevent some tragedies over the last few years, but this time is has backfired. A mom decided to take her son to a shooting range with legally owned fire arms after school last week. The 16 year old did what 16 year old kids do, and posted to snap chat while they were at the range. This prompted a motion to have a fellow student text safe to tell, where the other student can be completely anonymous. The police showed up to the house and investigated, where they determined there was no threat. Ok so it’s over right…. WRONG!!!!! The School gave the mom a call on Sunday and left a message saying, your son is not welcome back until we have our own investigation. The mother of the child tried to get the boy’s homework, but she was told they are unable to give it to her. I am not going to assume, but I feel like there may just a lawsuit in the air. It is tough, because you do want to stop any threat of a school shooting, but at the cost of being guilty until proven innocent? This is going to a tricky situation, and we will see what happens in the meeting between the mother and a panel of admin and teachers to give the green light for the student to come back into the building.

What do you think should happen?

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