Lebron James interrupts National Anthem against Clippers

The other night Lebron James decided to start walking to the sideline and yelled "Lets Go" really loud all in the midst of the National Anthem. Now if he wants to start walking to the sideline and wait till the anthem is over to yell, that is his business; but when you yell in the middle of the song blatantly interrupting the Anthem, that is disrespect! If you don't want to partake in our anthem that is on you, but why do you have to yell in the middle of the anthem? Lebron is in the middle of quite the controversy as it is. In the last few weeks, he has taken to twitter to say how he thinks the comments from the GM of the Houston Rockets about the protests in Hong Kong were wrong and he (Lebron) thinks China is great. There were a few upset fans holding up signs that were anti Lebron referencing the China controversy. It does seem that Lebron has some major investments in China. We will see how the rest of the NBA season unfolds as far as disrespect for the anthem; and how this China controversy plays out.

Will you be watching any NBA games this season?

Watch Lebron yell in the middle of the anthem below via Charlie Kirk Twitter

Photo credit: Getty Images