Pilot Who Was Arrested for Being Naked Got a Huge Payday!

The pilot who was arrested at DIA for being naked in his hotel room got a $300,000 settlement.

The pilot was in Denver waiting to take passengers to Cedar Rapids. The flight got canceled so the pilot stayed in Denver for the night at the Westin Hotel. He woke in the morning and was about to shower, undressing (like normal people do), thinking there was reflective glass. Just one problem, people down below could see him NAKED!!! Shortly after his shower, he got an unexpected knock at the door saying, "Sir, open the door, it's the police!" He opened the door and was immediately arrested. Because of how the arrest was handled, and the lack of evidence of any wrongdoing, the City of Denver settled for $300,000 and withdrew any criminal charges. This comes right after a woman in Loveland was paid a $50,000 settlement after being cited for indecent exposure.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images