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It has been a little bit of a wild, crazy, fun, and unexpected year. From the impeachment of our Commander and Chief, Donald J. Trump, to the Fire of Notre Dame. Heck, there was even an Area 51 Raid! There was a lot of wild crazy, unpleasant, and just downright disgusting things that happened in 2019; but there are moments of laughter, fun, and just pure joy as well. As I sit here and reflect on what 2019 has been and things that have happened, I can't help but think how lucky we at KCOL are to you our listeners! Without you we wouldn't even have a radio show and have the great pleasure of entertaining you and informing you each and every morning! We can not say thank you enough for what has been a fantastic 2019 to say the least.

From Jimmy Lakey, Sweet Petals, and the entire staff at KCOL and iHeartMedia in Northern Colorado,

Merry Christmas, happy New Year, and Cheers to a GREAT 2020!