ABC's Epstein Documentary Had Interesting Insight On Who All Was Involved

Watching the "Jeffrey Epstein: Truth and Lies” documentary on ABC last night did not hold back on what really happened in the Epstein sex trafficking case. As we all know, Epstein "killed himself" before he went to full trial, and the memes have not stopped; even 5 months later. Although some of the nonstop memes are quite funny, what happened to those poor girls was disgusting and wrong. The documentary also goes into the cover up, and how our judicial system was trying to sweep the case under the rug. It is blatantly obvious that Epstein used his money and the people he knew to get as little punishment as long as he could. It eventually did catch up to Epstein in the midst of the “Me Too” movement, but how this was originally handled was so utterly disgraceful and disgusting, it makes you lose faith in higher powers. It really makes you think that the government is only there to protect the wealthy. I applaud these (now Women) who were brave enough to tell their story about being raped and molested by Epstein. It was very hard but necessary to hear and watch these women tell their stories about being absolutely taken advantage of when they were as young as 13 and 14. No one should ever have to go through that; especially at such a young age. There are still unanswered questions to this case though, like the people involved in the Epstein case. What about Alex Acosta, and Prince Andrew? Those are just a few of the many names that were brought up in the documentary. The person that people are left wondering about the most when the show was over is Ghislaine Maxwell. From how ABC describes it, she is the one who helped lure these girls to Epstein, so he could molest and rape them. She has seemed to fall off the face of the earth, and has not been seen or heard from since Epstein was arrest and charged with sex trafficking. The amount of disgust I have for what happened to these women is so much, I can’t even think straight. From the Palm Beach D.A., to the former U.S. attorney for southern Florida Alex Acosta (Formerly on Trump’s Staff), to the FBI; the mismanagement of this case and the oversight to let this man continue to sex traffic little girls for years is an outright disgrace. This will go down in history as one of the worst sex crimes and cover ups in U.S. history. This will also leave you wondering (and probably knowing) that Epstein did not kill himself; all you have to do is look at how much evidence there is/was against people who protected and helped Epstein get away with these disgusting crimes for a long time.

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