How Colorado Legislature Bypasses Voters and Increases Taxes

There is a common theme you can see about what Colorado Democrats think of you and the will of the voters. Jon Caldera explains in his latest column.

"In Colorado we don’t support taxation without representation. We believe this so strongly we put the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights into our constitution guaranteeing our direct representation when increasing taxes.
This tyrannical behavior from our overlords is the kind of arrogance that caused our forefathers to dump tea in an ocean and start a revolution.
Our overlords claim that since they were elected, they have every right to run roughshod over our wallets and lives.
Thanks to a complicit and cheerleading press, many Coloradans might never understand why their pay isn’t going as far as it used to, or why they can’t find a job at all.
Or, despite the biased media, they figure it out — and after the next election it will be our overlords who are unemployed.
Time to wake up."