Loveland Public Notice: Canine Papilloma Virus

A press release from Loveland Parks and Recreation, City of Loveland:

"Public Notice - Fairgrounds Park Dog Park Public Notice - posted 2.7.2020: We've received notification of a dog that contracted papilloma virus and was recently at Fairgrounds Park dog park. Canine oral papillomas usually affect young dogs under the age of two. Affected dogs can transmit the virus to other dogs through direct contact. This usually occurs when they greet each other, share toys, or eat/drink out of the same food or water bowl. While we can't confirm whether the dog contracted the virus at the dog park or got it elsewhere, we do want to make you aware of the situation in case you'd like to keep a closer eye on your furry friends and their health. Please contact your pet's veterinarian for specific questions related to papilloma virus. Thank you."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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