Biden’s Rose Garden Strategy

RUSH: Plugs is out there today. There's a story here about Plugs trying to use "the Rose Garden strategy." Do you know what the Rose Garden strategy is? (chuckles) Just to show you how crazy Plugs is, the Rose Garden strategy can only be used by incumbent presidents. It's where you basically announce a bunch of stuff from the Rose Garden. You use the bully pulpit and the visual reminders that you are president. You make as many announcements as you can from the Rose Garden where no other candidate can go, various spots inside and outside the White House.

Trump has done 11 policy statement addresses -- press conferences and so forth -- in the Rose Garden. Biden is doing the same thing (laughing) except he doesn't have access to the Rose Garden because he's not president. Biden's strategy it to act like he's still vice president and he's above all of the schlubs on the Democrat side. He never talks about them, never references them. But the problem with that is that Plugs isn't any of the things that he is attempting to make himself appear to be.

He's not vice president. He's not in the White House. He hasn't been anywhere near the White House in three years. He may not remember how to get there on his own. He's just a 77-year-old guy that's not drawing too many people to his rallies, or events, or what have you. I think one of the reasons for Biden doing the Rose Garden strategy is that it's the safest. But he's gonna have to show up at these debates, as they all are.

There's also a story today (chuckling) in the Washington Post, I think. It doesn't matter. I'll get to it in a moment, the specifics. But it's a gigantic piece. It's an 8,000-word story on Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahontas, and there is barely a mention of fake Indian controversy! The very core of the woman's political identity is entirely ignored by the Washington Post. It's not a surprise. It's redundant to point out the media being all-in for Democrats. But still, nevertheless, interesting.

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