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BLM Founder Caught Paying Millions to Family and Friends

BUCK: There were some of us who in the very early days of the BLM 2.0 movement of 2020 were saying, “All this corporate money that is being…” They were just shoveling corporate money to the… I’m not… By the way, this is not even about the idea of BLM. This is the actual BLM organization, right? They created a BLM entity, a corporate entity, and companies were just lining up to give money to it.

I mean, there was over $100 million that BLM raised. Everybody was, “Oh, my gosh!” There was this moment of panic, this national panic because of the killing of George Floyd from all of these companies that were essentially terrified of being considered not that they were racist, no, just that they weren’t actively anti-racist enough was the real theory. Well, we just found out more about the BLM organization, and this will surprise, I think, none of the people listening to this show.

But it turns out it’s quite a lucrative enterprise for the people involved. It’s supposedly about social justice and dealing with police violence and all that but, hmm. “BLM founder Patrisse Cullors,” this is from the Daily Mail, “paid her baby’s father $970,000 for creative services,” whatever that is, “paid her brother $840,000 for security, and paid a fellow director of the organization $2.1 million and also reimbursed the organization $73,000 for a charter flight.”

She bought a “$6 million Los Angeles mansion for her use,” Cullors’ use, “and her family members’ use.” I mean, Clay, if this were a different, what, social justice cause or a different, you know, social enterprise, people would be saying, “Where are the fraud charges coming from here?” Most of the corporations in America are gonna say, “You know what? We got our insurance against being called insufficiently anti-racist.” So they’re happy with it.

CLAY: Well, what should happen is there should be an IRS investigation. Unfortunately, as we well know, the IRS only has interest, by and large, in doing deep dives into organizations that are conservative in nature. As we know, they’ve already been caught having done so. And so when you look at this story you got a woman who bought a $6 million L.A. mansion — by the way, in an all-white neighborhood, effectively, according to the Census data — and all this money, where did it go?

Did it have any impact in a positive way on anyone’s life that BLM was claiming they were going to be doing? And look, this is… There has to be a market-based rate in order for nonprofits to be able to pay people these kinds of salaries. There’s no way, in my opinion, that you can justify the amount of money that she was spending for these employees.

Look, I mean, you’re talking about her baby’s father was paid $970,000 for “creative services”? What did he actually do? Her brother got $840,000 for “security”? I mean, these are outlandish and appear to be criminal expenditures, in what should have been a not-for-profit organization. You can’t run a not-for-profit organization and make yourself fabulously wealthy in the process which appears to be what occurred here.

BUCK: Think so?

CLAY: Yeah. I think the evidence all supports it no matter which way you look at it.

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