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Two questions both Biden and Trump must be ready to answer in debate; Jack Phillips joins with legal update

Louisiana to require posting Ten Commandments in schools; Jeff Crank, GOP candidate for CO-5

Dan reviews the Louisiana decision to post the Ten Commandments in state public schools - is this a good idea or a violation of the First Amendment prohibiting the establishment of religion?

Jeff Crank, GOP candidate in the 5th Congressional District primary to succeed outgoing Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO), joins Dan to discuss his contentious campaign against state party chair Dave Williams before Tuesday's election.

DougCo DA Candidate George Brauchler (23rd District); Dispensaries in minority communities

Denver Mayor's sustainable homeless policy and illegal immigrant deadly truck crash

Jack Phillips belongs on a Mt. Rushmore of great Coloradans, after yet another court battle Tuesday

Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop, continues his legal battle at the Colorado State Supreme Court on Tuesday, with the help of attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom. 

Dan contends Jack's name belongs on a mountain or other permanent monument in Colorado, for leading the fight on religious liberty in this state and nationwide.

What other great Coloradans should be honored on a Mt. Rushmore of such accomplished citizens from the Centennial State?

Joe Scarborough suggests Trump might storm Biden's podium at debate; What should be Trump's strategy

The unhinged left continues to careen off the rails with the wild-eyed theory from Joe Scarborough that Donald Trump may walk over to Joe Biden's podium at the upcoming debate on June 27th and interrupt him as a 'disruptor.'

All insanity aside, what SHOULD Trump's strategy be heading into that June 27th debate in Atlanta?

Biden wants his party to burn if he can't be nominee; Handlers laughably call his freeze videos 'cheap fakes'

Dan believes Joe Biden is so bitter and petty that if he knows he won't be the Democratic nominee for President, he will try to draw the process out as long as possible to help ensure Vice-President Kamala Harris takes his place and loses bigly. 

Also, the Biden Administration and his handlers laughably suggest footage of the President freezing up at various events over the past week are 'cheap fakes' and desperate manipulations by his Republican adversaries.

June debate will be Biden's parting shot at Trump; Dan won't hear analysis including Biden as nominee

Dan's theory goes up a level as he predicts Joe Biden knows the June debate will be his last opportunity to attack Donald Trump on-stage, and that Biden's fate is a fait accompli in bowing out for a replacement by the August Democratic convention. Ryan disagrees, but stays mum as Dan is declaring any argument including the analysis with Biden as the nominee to be null and void.

Best advice your father ever gave you; Jerry Sonnenberg, GOP candidate for CO-4

Dan asks for the best advice your dad ever gave you in advance of Father's Day this weekend.

Jerry Sonnenberg joins Dan to update his campaign in the GOP primary for Colorado's 4th Congressional District, culminating with June 25th's election.

Priscilla Rahn joins Dan to discuss her run for county commissioner in Douglas County, often a bellwether for Colorado politics statewide.

Jill Biden tries to sell Joe's age as an asset; Stephen Varela, GOP candidate for CO-3

Dr. Jill Biden laughably tries to suggest the reason for Joe's debatable success as President is because of his age, not in spite of it.

Stephen joins Dan with an update on his race in Colorado's 3rd Congressional District against fellow lead candidates Jeff Hurd and Ron Hanks.

Stephen Varela for Congress | Colorado's 3rd District (stephenvarelaforcolorado.com)